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Media, Technology, and Power

"Now the politicians know that every step-by-word or expression will be recorded, packaged, and is connected to
the whole world, within a few minutes. "(Edward Luce, Financial Times, 13/06/2008)

Initially, the courses featured in a number of university communications department is the Media, Technology, and
Society (Society). However, from one session in that course, which is associated with power, then by
International Relations Studies Program FISIP UI appear to be one subject alone, the Media, Technology,
and Power (Power).

Students with it and then get the actualization of the application of new technologies, especially in the media, in
relation to political praxis. When one of these days take place a series of U.S. presidential election process, an actual example
The real increase.

On this day, Thursday (12 / 6), CSIS investigators, Philips J Vermonte, also describes some aspects of media use
for achieving political goals. Citing the magazine The Atlantic Monthly June 2008 edition, mentions Vermonte
how political communication has transformed from time to time. Andrew Jackson, for example, form
Democratic Party while printing technology boomed in the early 1800's. Jackson organized the editor
and publishers to form political parties. And Abraham Lincoln became a legendary figure after transcripts campaign
disseminated through newspapers president who was growing rampant in the U.S..

In the next period, Franklin Roosevelt led the U.S. through a difficult time campaigning in New Deal programs
effectively through radio messages. Finally, John Kennedy became very popular after the first presidential debate antarcalon
broadcast television. Kennedy has since been actively utilize television to strengthen its image.

New media

Indeed it is no doubt, the media proved to be an effective tool to reach voters for the masses
candidates, and funnel to the holder of power.

Although a number of Indonesian politicians have incentive to present themselves in the media, from advertising to the Chairman of the PAN website
former Chairman of the Golkar Party, it is still the most basic use.

Compare with by the candidate of the Democratic Party, Barack Obama, with the Internet. With
exploit the nature of Web 2.0 that emphasize community, the Obama team has deployed 30 000 events in 15
month primary campaign.Video recordings of activities that was held can be accessed through the YouTube site, My-
Space, and Facebook. Supporters can also enjoy a variety of campaign messages through the iPod.

Kubu Obama also realizes, political campaigns can not entirely be "white". Evidence, Obama was attacked by
wide range of issues. The campaign is also black and he replied via the Internet, namely the launch site Fight the smears
(Fight Cela).

With a variety of gait campaign on the Internet, Edward Luce writes, if there is a gold medal in the utilization
new technologies for political purposes, then any aficionado would turn them over to Obama (Financial Times, 13 / 6).

The idea made sense also because Obama's channel on YouTube has nearly 1,300 videos made his campaign staff, and it
every day continues to grow. From the people who see it, Obama has been viewed videos 50 million people, while the canal
YouTube John McCain who had 200 new video watched by 4 million people.

Three benefits

According to the New Media Director Joe Rospars Obama's campaign team see the Internet as a tool that can be to achieve
three objectives, namely to help organize supporters, raise funds, and convey a message (telling the
campaign's story).

Growing support for Obama on the internet are also caused by the attitude of "go ahead", laissez-faire, Obama, at
Where supporters are welcome to join the campaign to build content and even build their support site
respectively, as well as we see in Indonesia. There is mention, the Obama campaign so internetfriendly. While
the two other candidates, in this case Hillary Clinton and John McCain, slow to exploit its potential. There is an impression, the team
Hillary campaign escort to apply to the contents of their site (gate-keeping). In fact, the more lightly video
this YouTube era, the faster it spreads.

However, with all these advances, the politicians also draw wisdom from the use of new technologies.

Will extend

Whatever, now new technology is already available to the political aspirants who are longing for power. Indeed
to various countries, related to the infrastructure is installed, there is still much analyzed, where the technology most
effective of these technologies. One analysis presented in a communications expert Ade Armando Association Seminar
Political Science Banjarmasin Indonesia in mid-April last. Because the Internet is still limited in big cities, television
and print media is believed to still the holder of the largest role in the utilization of media technology to politics.

The problem is that big media influence was also no value-free forever. In the past, Hitler made
medium to large-scale propaganda for the ideals of his Nazi (see Media and Society in the Twentieth Century, Gorman
& McLean, 2003). New Order did the same.

In fact, due to the large influence of media such as television, a figure such as Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and his family
control of private broadcasting network Mediaset, which is reinforced by the three terrestrial channels (Financial Times, 13 / 6).

In addition to influence voters, a medium like television also play a large role in the spread of values. Thus,
do not be surprised if the owners of capital, let alone who have political ideals, do not hesitate to invest big in

In the era of elections, politicians will be more extensive use of new media technology.

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